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Ghost Room (in full)
Ghost Room (in full)

Collaboration with Casey Droege

the installation includes two sitting areas, wall paper shard collection, and five framed ghost portraits. stories collected from Elsewhere staff, those most familiar with the space, informed the portrait characters. clothing items pulled from Elsewhere's collection comprise the portraits. the room, with already incredibly altered deteriorating wallpaper adds the building itself a co- collaborator. the cut out frames and cut out design mingling with natural ware and decay on the walls blurs the line between building as maker, and artist as maker.

we wanted to create a designated space to honor the ghosts of Elsewhere. we also wanted the space to serve as a conversation space, someplace to sit and talk it out with whatever spirits (site specific, object specific, personal, those of former boarding house tenents, or visiting artists) that haunt you.

photos by Blake Mason unless noted otherwise

This is our installation, in collaged panoramic view.